The Greater New York Hospital Association Surge Capacity Taskforce

In response to COVID-19, a new mandate by the state of New York was named to increase inpatient bed capacity to accommodate a surge of patients. The Greater New York Hospital Association (GNYHA) identified teams with experience in healthcare projects, engineering, and construction management to participate in an assessment of 29 locations in New York City to potentially be used as alternative care sites for critical, acute, or post-acute care facilities.

The first meeting of the GNYHA Surge Bed Capacity Taskforce convened in March 2020 with a total of six teams. JFK&M was one of four engineering firms in the region identified to evaluate  five locations, joining Perkins & Will, AECOM Tischman, and Municipal Expediting. These sites included:  GE Crotonville, All City Family Healthcare Center, Parkway Hospital, Stern Building, and University Avenue Assisted Living.  Over three weeks, teams collectively evaluated these sites exploring temporary test-fits, engineered solutions, and the preparation of cost impacts and schedule.  Read more