JFK&M is committed to incorporating the principles of sustainable design and energy efficiency into all our projects.  As active members of the United States Green Building Council and a supporting member of Labs 21, the partners and staff of JFK&M, many of whom are LEED Accredited Professionals, are very sensitive to the needs of integrating sustainable design strategies into all our work.

The process of integrating sustainable strategies into the building design and construction requires a collaborative effort among the team members. This collaborative process must begin during the very early stages of the project design, preferably in the programming phase. This will enable the team to explore all possible strategies while the design is still conceptual and thereby minimize “lost opportunities”. The starting of these collaborative efforts early is essential to achieve the goals of the project in the most efficient way.

We have an ongoing commitment to sustainable design. Our office policy is to encourage all our staff members to become LEED Certified Professionals and to pursue continued education courses in sustainability.



A number of JFK&M projects are LEED certified or meet criteria of specific agency green building standards. We always embrace the following sustainable principals for design and integrate throughout the design and construction process:

  • Enhance indoor environmental quality
  • Optimize operational and maintenance practices
  • Conservation measures and use of environmentally friendly products
  • Reduce construction impacts and provide for future flexibility