Bushwick Ascend Charter School

Client: Ascend

Architect: The Lawrence Group

Size: 50,850

Completion Date: 2012

Construction Cost: $8 Million

The project was a renovation/restoration of a former Catholic School building in Brooklyn to be used for a new Charter School. The existing building was built in the 1920’s for use as the Catholic School with a 1950’s addition. The 1920’s building had three floors and a cellar and the 1950’s building had three floors, a mezzanine and a cellar. Renovations were performed in both structures and the approximate square footage is 50,850 square feet.

JFK&M replaced the existing heating system and provided a new air conditioning system. Our work included generating feasible options for these heating and cooling systems. The electrical service was upgraded to accommodate the new air conditioning system and the plumbing was upgraded. In addition, a new elevator was added to the building.

The renovation took place in an occupied building with the majority of the work being performed in the summer. Therefore, some of the work required an approved phasing plan that relocated the school into an unoccupied area of the building during construction. Work on the large public spaces such as the cafeteria/kitchen and gymnasium was completed during that period. The buildings now house the Bushwick Ascend Charter School’s K through 4th grade program and providing 665 seats.