SUNY Stony Brook University Research and Development Park, SGIC Programming/Schematic Design

Owner: SUNY Stony Brook University

Architect: Davis Brody Bond

Location: Stony Brook, NY

Size: 20,000 SF

JFK&M provided MEP planning and design services for Phase 1 of the SGIC Programming Report, Concept Design and Schematic Design project for an addition of about 20,000-sf addition to an the existing 48,000-sf Advanced Energy Center (AEC) building. The new addition is specifically designed to support a research and development facility devoted to advances in Smart Grid technology – hardware and software essential to upgrade America’s electrical grid. The building is expected to house different incubator groups to develop advanced research and development of Energy innovations.  The building will provide offices, engineering labs, core facilities, equipment rooms, computer labs and other rooms to support this effort.  JFK&M will also be providing power to an additional 62 spaces for parking by adding branch circuiting for lighting.

The first deliverable was a program study to provide a profile of the rooms and functions intended in the building including:

  • A detailed listing of the service, lab gas, air, and exhaust requirements of each room.
  • A detailed listing of the power requirements, location of outlets for generic and specific equipment items placed in the room.
  • Listing of the required mechanical, electrical, data and other support rooms for the project.

Awaiting funding, the building will subsequently be designed according to the New York State Building Code, current edition plus all other applicable codes, and will follow the requirements of Executive Order 111, which mandates savings in energy use, and a certificate of Silver or greater in the LEED. It is anticipated that the project’s infrastructure will include the following: Storm water drainage, its own HVAC systems, natural gas, building automation system, plumbing that may tap into existing service, wet-type sprinklers, addressable fire alarm system reporting to the AEC building and to the campus central system, electrical power, emergency power, lighting protection, Communication Systems and a card access and camera surveillance system.